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Aaron Donald: “I think we have all the pieces to the puzzle”

The Rams went to the playoffs, and the Super Bowl, in 2018 as the division champion. This year, they’re the sixth seed in the NFC playoffs. So how is defensive

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Certain antibiotics linked with upped risk for deadly aortic aneurysms

A widely used class of antibiotics has been linked to an increased risk of a potentially fatal blood vessel condition—even in younger, healthy people. In a study of millions of

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General Motors debuts new corporate logo with focus on electric vehicles

General Motors is changing its corporate logo as it launches a new marketing strategy focused on all-electric vehicles. It is only the fifth time the Detroit automaker has conducted a

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Wi-Fi’s biggest upgrade in decades is starting to arrive

Wi-Fi is about to get a lot better. Many of this year’s new phones, laptops, TVs, routers, and more will come with support for Wi-Fi 6E, a new upgrade to

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Mum kept daughter, 12, in a wheelchair for six years with false medical claims

Mum kept her healthy daughter in a wheelchair for six years after falsely claiming she suffered from fits. The girl, who is now 12, underwent unnecessary ‘excessive’ medical treatment and

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