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Cam Akers returns to a full practice; Jared Goff remains limited

Rams quarterback Jared Goff remained limited on the practice report, but coach Sean McVay said Goff “went through what a normal practice would entail.” “Ball handling, throwing some routes on

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How medical schools can transform curriculums to undo racial biases

Medical school curriculums may misuse race and play a role in perpetuating physician bias, a team led by Penn Medicine researchers found in an analysis of curriculum from the preclinical

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Economy lost 140,000 jobs last month, in final report of Trump presidency

The economy shed 140,000 jobs in December, a clear indication that the pandemic’s chokehold on economic activity strengthened in the final weeks of last year. The unemployment rate held steady

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Sony is going to start selling its Mandalorian-like virtual set displays

Sony has announced that it’s going to start selling a series of modular displays that can be used to create digital movie sets (via The Hollywood Reporter). If this kind

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Man brutally killed with axe by cousin had told wife that day ‘he won’t hurt me’

A tree surgeon who killed his cousin with an axe in the street has been sentenced to an indefinite hospital order. Ashley Rowen, 32, was twice previously sectioned under the

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